Monday, 3 August 2015

Spotlight On The Seller... Cocoa Bliss

Hello and welcome to Cocoa Bliss created by Sonia Cooper. The idea to create chocolate gorgeousness was first born in May 2014 but it wasn't until September 2014 that Cocoa Bliss was launched. From May to Sept there were many trials and errors I was quick to learn that working with chocolate was not as easy as it looked and there was many times when I was certainly ready to give up!
There was a lot of research to do about tempering chocolate and there was a lot of factors to get right – the temperature of the chocolate to begin with, the melting point and the cooling point. My first thought was chocolate is so temperamental, one slight mistake and it all goes wrong! 
Sometimes I temper chocolate by hand which still does sometimes go wrong (which is not good for my waistline!!) And sometimes I temper in the tempering machine which makes sure your chocolate is perfectly tempered the machine was my first purchase which meant I was one step closer to succeeding but with a standard fridge in my kitchen at about 3-5c it just wasn't setting the chocolates correctly a bit more research and I found my perfect fridge which could be set to fluctuate between 8 and 10 c the perfect temperature for chocolate to cool at now cocoa bliss is flourishing and is very proud to be in fabrication Leeds.

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