Monday, 17 August 2015

Spotlight On The Seller... Font Not Found

Font Not Found was created by husband and wife designers Lucy & Greg Shaw. Both have a life-long love of words, type and big letters, oh and T-Shirts and drawing. So naturally they’ve put together a range of type T-shirts based on their letter sketches.
Lucy is originally from Somerset & Greg from South Yorkshire but both studied Graphic design at college before meeting each other on one of their first Graphic Design jobs in Bradford. They both enjoy working (scribbling) together from their home in Bingley. Lucy constantly has to resist the urge to spell rude words out in product shots.

Font Not Found currently have two fonts available across kids, women’s and men’s T-shirts, tote bags and gym sacs as custom orders. We’ve been in the fabulous Fabrication shop since June with a selection of our kids T-shirts, where you can also make an order for your letter of choice.

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