Monday, 22 July 2013

Spotlight on the Seller - Jewellery Star

Back in 2006 I began making my own quirky jewellery. It started with plastic character charms and beads. Then one day I bought myself Captain Red beard, the LEGO pirate with a hook and a peg leg. I fell in love with him and decided ‘I want you as a necklace!’ He turned out so well I began to experiment with other LEGO pieces and created a wide range of exciting LEGO jewellery.

I ran a market stall in Leeds city centre for 5 years, but it seemed my business sense wasn't as strong as my love of LEGO and unfortunately I had to give it up. I was supposed to stop jewellery making altogether, but once you have the creating bug, it’s very hard to give up. I am currently replenishing my stock bit by bit and am hoping to come back with a vengeance.

Fabrication has been an amazing opportunity for me and I am forever grateful to Dawn and Andrew for letting me join their enterprise. All my crafty friends too have been a great support and help to me in this time of transition. Always look forward and never give up J

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