Monday, 26 January 2015

Spotlight on the Seller.... Bazar Mehdi

“Bazar Mehdi” is a small business that specialises in vintage and handmade tribal Moroccan rugs. The business was named after Hilana’s late grandfather, Mehdi. Thanks to family expertise that spans over a century, Moroccan-born Hilana was able to take this family tradition to Yorkshire where she lives with her British husband. As of October, Bazar Mehdi started displaying and selling its rugs in Fabrication.

The idea behind this business venture was to bridge the gap between Bazar Mehdi and all Morocco and rug lovers across the world. The rugs are all handmade, vintage, strictly tribal and one-off pieces. Sourced from remote tribal areas of Morocco, each Bazar Mehdi rug is made by a single Berber (native Moroccan ethnicity) woman, who after marriage and childbirth, starts extensive work on a precious family heirloom. The rugs are imbued with passion and history which makes them very special. Another quality that Berber rugs possess that makes them stand out is their vitality and free spiritedness that is lacking in urban rugs. They can be an eclectic mix of vibrant colours, or a monochromatic work of art, loaded with symbols and meaning.

Always the history enthusiast, Hilana is a proud Moroccan Berber who tries to shine a light on authentic Moroccan heritage and will always seek to honour it in some way, from the ethical sourcing to the quality. Recently, Bazar Mehdi has teamed up with a feminine cooperative in Morocco, and are selling one of their lovely creations in Fabrication. All proceeds will be going to the cooperative to help cover their work costs.

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