Monday, 27 October 2014

Seller in the spotlight: CherryPeg

Making things from fabric has always been my favourite thing to do, but when my children were babies I found that I really loved to make things for them.  

Inspired by my own little ones and the wealth of wonderful fabrics I had discovered, I wanted to carry on creating, and share my designs with others.  With encouragement from my husband I set up CherryPeg, and I now design, make and sell bright modern fabric accessories for baby, home & mum.  These include bibs, baby blankets, fabric storage boxes, tote bags, make up bags and Christmas decorations.

I love to combine printed fabrics to make colourful patchworks or appliques, and further mix them with simple classics such as linen, calico and denim to come up with stylish modern creations that are lovely to look at and useful at the same time.  My favourite part of the process is product development – working on new ideas and choosing the best fabric combinations to make them in.   

My plan for the future of CherryPeg is to expand my range of products.  I also intend to work on my dressmaking skills and make more of my own clothes.  


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