Saturday, 10 May 2014

spotlight on the seller.. Mirror Mirror

Mandy Maynard is a designer and artist with over 20 years’ experience in graphic design and fine art printmaking. Having recently set up her own studio, complete with a state-of-the art laser etcher, she has been busy designing and making etched mirror and glass homewares.
The hero designs are stunning lightboxes which are truly unique and innovative. These illuminated artworks provide a vibrant vocal point for any room in the house, particularly welcoming in hallways and living rooms, and are a refreshing change to static framed artworks.
Mandy also makes coasters and candle plates which feature whimsical lace doily motifs, enjoying the interplay between soft vintage lace and the hard clean mirror surface. Commissions are frequently taken, and a number of children’s lightbox designs have been created, as they work very well as night lights or nursing lights. Also recently work has started on etching glass splashbacks for kitchens, which look stunning when illuminated from behind.
Each design starts life in a sketchbook bursting with ideas and then it is drawn up by Mandy using professional graphic software, and etched on the laser. Top quality materials are used.
They use LED light sources which last for thousands of hours, are the most energy efficient lights available.

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