Monday, 29 June 2015

Spotlight On The Seller: Andrea Brajer

Andi’s Crafty Creations is a Leeds based business for contemporary soft furnishings which combine traditional and modern techniques. I create bespoke folded book art: I upcycle unwanted books into ornaments and sculptures according to a given theme or subject. My designs are tailored to the requirements of each customer with words, images or geometric shapes folded into the pages to produce a theme, a message or a particular subject.

The book covers can also be customised, I decorate them with fabric, paint, and / or the decoupage technique. I use good quality ribbons, laces, and aesthetic charms to enhance the visual. Each folded book is created with the customer or theme in mind, for a decorative purpose.

Decoupage art work: I apply decoupage to artefacts such as small, ornamental wooden hearts or miniature storage boxes, to larger domestic, wooden furniture pieces. Vintage, Shabby Chic and Country Chic are really close to me but I am happy to mix this style with modern elements.

What I really love about this craft is the challenge of giving old, unwanted pieces of furnitures or unwanted books a new life. It’s very satisfying to see something transformed.

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