Monday, 10 November 2014

Spotlight on seller ...Jackdaw Decor.

I never was too sure what I wanted to ‘do’ in life until after a false start or two I began working in a flower shop.

I was lucky to be trained by some incredibly talented florists & attended college, to learn as much as I could about the creative process.  I loved the work but life moves on & I needed to pay a mortgage.
Time for a career change I started temping in an office whilst deciding my next move,  I learned about paper, print, office politics  and what I didn’t want to do. It only took 14 years until my next change

An opportunity presented itself, a brave leap could be taken, and the fledgling idea of Jackdaw Decor could take flight.

It was time to embrace my love of making things; textural, tactile, 3D items of loveliness, whether for me, as a gift or for the sheer joy of creating something new from old. Re-using or re-purposing items rather than throwing them away. Trying to use every last scrap. I hoard -in the true nature of a jackdaw- shiny, bright, pretty things, paper, ribbon and beads that I will keep until I discover what it was destined to become. 

Inspired by traditional Victorian techniques and styles, using modern and natural materials in a fusion of floral art.

From mini book flowers to truly unique bridal bouquets – my paper flowers are created from a hoard of paper loveliness that I have lovingly collected over the years; this means I cannot always source any more -once it’s gone it’s gone. This gives my work a transient uniqueness which I love; I have no desire to create the same item 50 times. I love the process of tweaking an idea to suit a client, or to completely ignore the rule book & start from scratch – it’s my fickle jackdaw nature coming to the fore!

Designs inspired by and taken from nature: Like Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown I want my products to be “more natural than nature”.

This is true of the window & wall vinyls I design, they are based on real life images & observations. 

My reusable window vinyl snowflakes are based on photographs taken by Wilson Alwyn Bentley (1865-1931), Whitby Abbey from our own snapshots & my Christmas holly wreath from memory when as a florist we made our own from scratch 100+ every year.

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