Monday, 25 August 2014

Spotlight on the seller.... Sara Gartside

My name is Sara Gartside.
I studied Illustration at the University of Westminster and graduated with a first class honours degree, many moons ago!

Since then I have worked full time as an Illustrator, Muralist and Designer.

The hours are long and I have no switch off button, but I am passionate about my work and never forget what a privilege it is to use my talent and make a living from doing something I love.

My work has often incorporated Hearts and a few years ago I decided to develop my interest for this universal shape within my work.
I love combining art with something useful and practical, hence the mirrors, but since then the hearts have expanded into a range that includes names, dates, messages and gestures for special occasions including weddings, christenings and birthdays.

My influences come from a wide range of things; nature, jewellery, ceramics and general designs that surround us in everyday life.
The heart is such an iconic shape and I really enjoy experimenting with new ideas, shapes, colours and textures.

The heart shapes are my own design and are cut exclusively for me to my own specifications.

I produce a ready to buy range, which includes a wide variety of colours and designs. Also, I provide a bespoke service, taking commissions for any size of mirror, heart or keepsake.
I will work with the customer and discuss colour, size, design and deadline to ensure the end result is very special and each one unique!

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