Monday, 12 August 2013

Spotlight on the seller - JEMS

Back in 2003, I dreamed about becoming  a furniture designer.  I began a furniture/product design degree in 2005 with high hopes... however , it was not to be. Throughout my life jewellery design has always been in the background of daily routine,  and it slowly dawned on me, “Ey, I'm all right at this!”

 After this epiphany, and many pro and con lists, I enrolled for the Metalwork& Jewellery degree at Sheffield Hallam in 2008, and life took a massive silver fork in the road.

After graduating in 2012 and a month visiting Thailand, I started on the rocky road of self employment. In the beginning there were me, my saw, many broken blades and some scrap metal, but as time marched on things started to happen and I was looking more and more like a jewellery designer, and so I set up JEMS. 

My inspiration is a combination of memories, rituals of British life, and a love of my county; Yorkshire. JEMS jewellery and precious objects are tools that enable the act of reminiscing on the life gone by, as well as lovely objects to treasure.

The Seaside Memories collection is a group of precious metal jewellery and objects that is inspired by childhood trips to the coast, and the junk I would bring back simply for memories sake. Every day I look at photos or hold the many pebbles scatted around the house and remember.

The act of reminiscing is such a personal thing, and to remember the days gone by helps me develop my future, it seems to be a bit of an ironic Escher puzzle, which I love. To be so attached to an object simply for memory’s sake is something truly human and to be able to design and make for clients is an honour.

JEMS is a jewellery design business that will always provide you with the human experience... as well as a proper cup of tea and a biscuit. 

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